Our 2019 Community Support

The Club held its annual Community Support Presentation in August where our CEO Jason Read and the Club’s Chairman Bill Austin proudly announced in excess the Club’s annual Community Support of over $137,000 in the past year.

Most of the recipients of this year’s funding attended the presentation and upon receiving the Club’s donation, spoke about their organisation’s work and the community needs.

Everyone was in ore of the marvellous work being done in our community by these groups and our Club’s contributions to their causes will make a significant dent in their funding needs.

Club Grants Recipients 2019

Details of the projects our club has funded this year

The Shepherd Centre (For Deaf Children) – Confident Kids Program

Confident Kids is a social skills group therapy program for children aged 4-5 with hearing loss in our local area.  The program aims to give hearing impaired children speech and language skills equal to or better than a hearing child of the same age.

The Confident Kids program actively teaches the children the vital social and communication skills which they have not been able to develop due to their hearing loss.  The children learn how to interpret social situations and more subtle speech and language elements to better understand and engage with their peers.

This enables them to communicate more effectively, have a better understanding of their environment, form friendships, participate in group activities and successfully integrate into a mainstream school.

Visit their website https://shepherdcentre.org.au/


Vision Australia - Orientation and Mobility Program

Vision Australia's Orientation and Mobility Program is designed to provide clients with strategies for safe travel and independent living in their homes and within their local community. The ability to engage in personally meaningful activities is paramount to their well-being, both physically and emotionally and signifies real benefit in combating depression, loneliness and anxiety, which are considerably higher in in people with vision loss. This project will provide O&M services and white canes to 19 clients living in Hornsby Shire Council area who currently require this vital service to ensure safe, equitable and independent travel in their community.

Visit Vision Australia's website https://www.visionaustralia.org/

Road Safety Education Limited - RYDA road safety education program

This project is to provide the RYDA road safety education program to over 1,000 senior high school students from the Hills local area. RYDA is an evidence-based workshop that engages with students in a series of interactive sessions. The program is coordinated through local high schools and facilitated by trained facilitators, including local Police and gives students critical information and strategies that do not come from driving lessons, books or the school classroom. Additional funding is required to help make RYDA affordable and accessible to all young people before they face the challenges of driving solo or as an influential passenger of a novice driver.

Find out more about RYDA's programs at http://www.rse.org.au/programs/ryda/

The Delta Society Australia – Red Bandanna Club

Delta Therapy Dogs bring the joy of animal companionship to a range of facilities including hospitals, palliative care units, aged care facilities, mental health services and schools.

The Club’s financial support will go a long way to held the Society provide therapy dogs to Chesalon Beecroft, Flinders Village, Warrina Residential Care, Brian King Gardens (ARV)

Grainer Catholic Care (Cherrybrook), Cherrybrook Christian Care Centre (ARV Yurana Wing)

Woodlands Residential Care Service, Mental Health Intensive Care Unit, Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit, Hornsby Hospital (Lumby Building,  the  Brolga Child And Adolescent Mental Health Unit, Mary Giles Ward and the Geraghty Ward) Bowden Brae Gardens, Hornsby Assertive Outreach Team, The Sydney Adventist Hospital Poon Ward, Opal Netherby, Sydney Adventist Hospital (Burnside and Gee Ward), Catholic Care (Wahroonga), Wirreanda Retirement Village, Lady Of Grace, Carinya House (Glenhaven Gardens) and Bupa Dural.

Thanks to Delta’s volunteer pooches India and Sunny who attended the with their owners.  It’s always great to see them in action and they didn’t disappoint.

Helping dogs, helping people https://www.deltasociety.com.au/


Ted Noffs Foundation - Continuing Adolescent Life Management (CALM) Project

The CALM project offers young people aged 12 - 25 brief drug and alcohol intervention and recovery strategies, employment support, vocational/educational assistance crime prevention strategies family re-connection and community integration. It works with young people through individual and family counselling, workshops and mentoring over a three to five year period and focuses on encouraging participants to apply their potential and improve their lives.  Approximately 25 people local to our Club will benefit directly from this project as well as the benefits to our community by having a reduction in alcohol and other drug crimes, an increase in  young people entering the workforce/schooling/education and a decrease in the use of other government resources such as police and community services.

Read more about the their good work at https://noffs.org.au/

St Matthew's Anglican Church West Pennant Hills with Cherrybrook - Defibrillator for St Matts

Our Club has supported St Matthew’s for a number of years now and this year the funding we provide will fund the purchase of a defibrillator.   The lifesaving device will be kept on site at the St Matthew’s in West Pennant Hills and will be available to be used in the event of circumstances arising wherein someone may need to be resuscitated. The benefit of having a defibrillator is that it can save lives and can certainly increase the chance of survival for someone having a cardiac arrest.

Another local organisation supporting our community https://stmatts.org.au/


Macular Disease Foundation of Australia - Early Action Saves Sight

Macular disease is Australia's leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss. It takes away the central vision, ability to read, drive and see faces clearly. The most common forms are age related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic eye disease. The incidence of AMD is high with 1 in 7 people over the age of 50 showing some signs of macular degeneration with the numbers dramatically increasing in the 70-90 age bracket. Over 35% of people living our immediate local community are in this age group.

The “Early Action Saves Sight” project will enable the Foundation to potentially save people’s sight. There is no cure for macular disease but if detected early, steps can be taken to slow its progression and save sight through treatment and/or lifestyle modifications hence enabling a better quality of life. The funding provided by WPH Sports Club will allow the Foundation to continue providing services and to implement new initiatives to save sight.

To see if you have the early signs of macular degeneration  vists https://www.mdfoundation.com.au/

Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook Inc - Capital Equipment Purchase

The Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook supports retirees in the Cherrybrook area and has been running for 20 years. It attracts both recent retirees and members aged in their 70s and 80s. The funding provided by WPH Sports Club will provide the Probus Club with a wheelchair (to assist with the evacuation of disabled members from the meeting hall in cases of emergencies), the purchase of anniversary badges, software to assist in keeping records of club members and a 15 inch Digital Frame which will allow photos of club activities to be displayed continually and will replace the more cumbersome photo albums.

Studio ARTES - Art Ability on Tour

The Art Ability on Tour is an Art Exhibition by Studio ARTES that will showcase works by artists with disability, exploring projections into the future by artists with disability.  The group exhibition will showcase works developed in a variety of mediums including oil paintings, digital/photography, textiles, print making, and mixed media. Art Ability on Tour will explore where our artists, people with disability, see their futures, them, their community, and globally.

The artists will have the freedom to interpret this as they see it, what art will look like in the future, what food will look like in the future, what transport will look like in the future and their individual lives will look like in the future. The first exhibition will be held at The Gallery, TAFE NSW Hornsby Campus, which will run for 2 weeks. The exhibition will then tour the local area, where we the project includes a series of field trips for to explore the local area, gaining inspiration, development of art works, and culminating exhibition to be held in a local gallery. Public venues being considered include libraries, businesses and public galleries. The project would see groups of artists engaging in field trips and activities in the community to inspire their works.

To see some of wonderful examples of the art creates by these very talented people visit https://www.studioartes.org.au/


The Northcott Society - Creative Minds Art therapy Program for people living with Disability in our local area

Northcott’s purpose is to build an inclusive society where people can live the life they choose. They support people with disability reaching their full potential by providing services and support to promote a genuinely inclusive society. The Everyday Life Skills Program provides essential skill development in three key aspects of life, including living, social and employment; this is supported by a person centred approach which begins with the person and their life goals and ambitions.

Northcott was seeking funding to implement a Creative Minds Art Program to support our Everyday Life Skills group and enhance their program resources in the area of art therapy to better support of people with disability residing in our local area. The funding provided by WPH Sports Club will allow Northcott to purchase art and craft supplies, as well as cover attendance at a succulent workshop which will enrich the learning experience and meet the expense of the start-up resources required. The artwork created will generate opportunity for those with disability to engage with the group, build confidence and support social participation. The workshop will teach participants painting and other DIY arts such as making candles, soaps, bath bombs and more. Attending a group Kokodema/succulent workshop, as well as other creative workshops with the participants will be an enjoyable, therapeutic, educational and relaxing exercise and an exciting new group social outlet. Art/items created by participants will then be sold at the local community market at Westfield Hornsby providing both a finance source for the group to replenish supplies and opportunity for community participation.

To see more about the invaluable work Northcott does in our community, visit https://northcott.com.au/


KYDS Youth Development Service - Upper northern Sydney Empower project! - Mental health counselling for young people and their families or caregivers.

KYDS was founded in 2004 after local community groups noticed a spike in mental health concerns for young people across the northern Sydney region. KYDS has since expanded their footprint to offer mental health counselling services from 5 offices and works with schools and community organisations to deliver early intervention workshops and programs across the region. Unfortunately, due to recent increases in demand for their services, KYDS is currently carrying a waiting list of almost 50 young people with issues including depression, anxiety, bullying, self-harm and suicide ideation, social isolation, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence and relationship breakdown. This project, funded by WPH Sports Club, aims to impact the mental health and well-being of young people across the Hornsby Shire LGA by implementing a 2-tiered approach of service provision and early intervention. Tier 1 is the delivery of targeted mental health counselling to high risk young people. 1 day per week at our Hornsby office, a KYDS clinician will support clients (and families/parents/caregivers) to build skills and develop strategies to manage their mental health in the long term. KYDS will use best practice measurement and evaluation systems to ascertain clinical service delivery outcomes. Tier 2 will cover the delivery of early intervention mental health workshops, presentations or seminars to 300 young people from at least 3 schools or youth focused organisations across the region. KYDS will use their current school and community organisation relationships/connections, and when required, will forge new partnerships to deliver this tier of the project.

A very worthwhile and relevant project in our local area.

Do you or your child need support?  Visit KYDS at https://kyds.org.au/

Rainbow Club Australia - Early Intervention at Cherrybrook Rainbow Club

Rainbow Clubs Early Intervention program is about subsidising the cost of individualised swimming lessons for children under 7 years of age with a disability so that (a) finance is not the barrier to participating socially and (b) a qualified teacher guides their progress towards health and fitness Therapists recommend Rainbow Club because of its combination of individualised lessons and social participation plus as well as their pathways to the Swim the Rainbow Carnival and the Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim.  Parenting is never easy so parenting a child with a disability calls for extended community support to ensure that the child and their family are not forced to live a life that excludes them from local community activities. Parents of children with a disability tell us about the importance of a range of specialised therapies and individual focus on learning skills at an early age. There is evidence to show that this early intervention enables a life that has greater quality at school and with the family. It helps to develop friendships and reduce social isolation.


SHINE for Kids - Hornsby Connecting Kids

Founded in 1982, SHINE for Kids has provided crucial support to children and young people with incarcerated parents and/or relatives for over 35 years. The invisible victims of crime, children experience significant psychological and emotional trauma through societal isolation, stigmatisation by their peers, fragmentation of care, and often geographic relocation as a result of their parent’s imprisonment. Connecting Kids provides access for these at-risk children and young people to vital programs and services run by SHINE for Kids such as free, supervised transport, prison in-visits, storytime and Child-Parent Activity Days.  Approximately 130 children in the local area will be included in the Shine program in the next 12 months.

For more information about Shine visit https://shineforkids.org.au/

INALA - In-home equipment

Members will know the local Inala school on Castle Hill Road and WPH Sports Club has a long history supporting their wonderful work.  Inala provides accommodation services for those living with disability across 17 group homes. Specific equipment is required for the health, well-being and safety of participants and carers. Often this equipment is expensive and not covered by the NDIS but makes a real difference to those who are physically limited or require a wheelchair. Our Club has provided funding to Inala this year to assist in the purchase of a lift chair, a portable wheelchair scale, a swivel table designed to support people stand from a chair and an over armchair table to help those who are physically limited access meals, drinks, devices etc.  The equipment will be used in Inala’s group homes and will greatly benefit residents and staff.

Inala always needs volunteers.  If your interested, visit them at  https://inala.org.au/

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) - Autism awareness and advisory workshop for the Hornsby community

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is the largest provider of autism specific services in Australia and includes autism specific education across nine schools, diagnostic assessments, therapy, social groups, an employment service and a service for adults on the autism spectrum. They also provide workshops and resources within our local community with the aim to build the capacity of parents/carers, extended family members and professionals to better understand autism and to learn how to best support individuals on the autism spectrum. The funding provided by WPH Sports Club will go towards funding an autism awareness and advisory workshop for the Hornsby community. "Supporting individuals on the autism spectrum" is a one day workshop for up to 40 participants. Attendees will learn about autism, key ‘good practice’ principles of support and evidence-based practical strategies. The free workshop will help support and create better opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. All participants and stakeholders will be linked to Aspect information channels and resources to learn about other support opportunities. In addition, ASPECT will provide referrals to other support services (e.g. Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists or Psychologists) and the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to network and meet other community members who are affected by autism.  The program will directly benefit approximately 40 local families.

A brilliant different - https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/

The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia Limited - The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Transport Program in the Hills District

The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Transport Program provides people living with blood cancer and their carers with free-of-charge transport to and from treatments and other medically related appointments. The Leukaemia Foundation owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles across the country and the service has been specifically designed to relieve some of the pressures faced by people with blood cancer and their families, particularly those with no access to transport, limited finances or have relocated for cancer treatments from rural and remote locations. The funding provided by WPH Sports Club will go towards funding the ongoing operational costs of fleet vehicles located in NSW.  Last year this service provided almost 300 free-of—charge trips for people living with blood cancer in our local community.

Beating blood cancers with love, sweat and tears - https://www.leukaemia.org.au/

Applications for 2019 funding have closed

Applications will open again in April/May 2020 and must be submittied via the clubgrants.com.au website.

Our Club is proud to be able to contribute generously to the community through local Sporting Clubs and Charitable organisations.  In August each year, recipients of the Club’s funding and support attend a Presentation afternoon.

WPH Sports Club strives to return as much as possible to the local community through grants, funding and support services.

The Club provides funding to local amateur sporting clubs, community groups, local health services and other arts, cultural and educational organisations.

To find out more about the Club Grants scheme, visit the Clubs NSW website 

This year alone, West Pennant Hills Sports Club has provided funding and support to the local community in excess of $150,000


These are just some of the organisations we have helped in the last few years:

  • Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
  • Baby Bumps Support Group
  • Carlson Chorale
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Delta Society Australia
  • Epilepsy Association t/as Epilepsy Action Australia
  • Girl Guides Australia NSW & ACT
  • Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
  • Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Health Service
  • Inala
  • Lifestart Cooperative Limited
  • Multiple Sclerosis Limited
  • Northcott Disability Services
  • SHINE for Kids Co-operative Limited
  • St Lucy’s School
  • St Vincent de Paul Society Hornsby
  • State Emergency Service
  • Streetwork Incorporated
  • Ted Noffs Foundation
  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Vision Australia
  • Beecroft Cherrybrook Junior Rugby Club
  • Cherrybrook Little Athletics
  • Cherrybrook Netball Club
  • Greenway Giants Inc.
  • Pennant Hills Football Club
  • Pennant Hills Junior AFL Club
  • Penno Stags Junior Rugby League Football Club
  • West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Football Club
  • West Pennant Hills Netball Club
  • West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club