Our 2020 Community Support

Our Board of Directors realise that while our Club is hurting with COVID restrictions and a decrease in trade, that the charities in our community are doing it even harder.

At their August meeting, the Directors unanimously agreed that continuing to give back to our Community would again be a significant part of our Club's annual expenditure.

Listed below are just some of the organisations that West Pennant Hills Sports Club has supported this year.  They all provide an invaluable service within our community.  Should your feel able to provide some financial support, no matter how large or small, you can follow the links below to donate.

Learning Links – at West Pennant Hills Primary School

Learning Links will deliver 'Stop, Think, Do' at West Pennant Hills Public School to help children with learning difficulties and consequent poor awareness of social skills develop emotional-social intelligence and skills to improve all of their relationships.

The program, supported by WPH Sports Club, will develop self-control, perceptual /communication and cognitive problem solving skills and will be delivered by a Learning Links provisional/ or registered psychologist across 10 weekly sessions.

Visit their website https://www.learninglinks.org.au/

Follow Learning Links on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/learninglinksau

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Blowfly Cricket - A local Cricket program for adolescents and adults with special needs and/or intellectual disability

BlowFly Cricket is an Australian flagship all ability, inclusive program promoting cricket as a choice for adolescents and adults with special needs and/or an intellectual disability.

BlowFly Cricket has two established Centres within the Hornsby Shire. BlowFly Cricket is now working in partnership with St Leo's Catholic College to initiate a new school program with St Edmund's College to develop the fundamentals of the game in a safe, non-judgemental, accepting and supportive environment.

Visit Blowfly Cricket's Website https://wphccc.com.au/blowfly/#:~:text=Blowfly%20Cricket%20gives%20young%20peoplewith,fun%20and%20just%20enjoying%20life.

Follow Blowfly Cricket on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/blowflycricket

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Inala at West Pennant Hills

Members will know the local Inala school on Castle Hill Road and WPH Sports Club has a long history supporting their wonderful work.  Inala provides accommodation services for those living with disability across 17 group homes.

Some of the individuals supported by Inala have been part of the Inala community for years. They are reaching a stage in their life where they are seeking a slower pace, greater flexibility and a quieter environment. We are providing an alternate support option to meet these changing needs. Renovation of an existing building on the Inala property will enable them to create an environment that is suited to supporting individuals who are ageing and who's needs are changing.

Check out Inala's YouTube channel

Find our more about Inala or to donate yourself visit https://inala.org.au/

Follow Inala on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/InalaDisabilityServices

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Inala always need volunteers and they are literally just around the corner.


Rainbow Club - A social swimming Club in Cherrybrook for children with a disability

The MY MENTAL HEALTH RAINBOW will build on the Club's successful Swim the Rainbow program by focusing a part of every lesson on activities involving greater social participation. The activities will be specially designed by qualified Occupational Therapists who will support and advise our qualified swim teachers. Volunteer students studying for the Duke of Edinburgh Award will be engaged to shadow our teachers and add an element of youthful fun to the social activity.

WPH Sports Club is a long time supporter of Cherrybrook Rainbow Club.

Find out more at https://www.myrainbowclub.org.au/

Follow the Rainbow Club on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rainbowclubaustralia


Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter

The Hornsby-Ku-Ring Gai Women's Shelter provides safe, temporary, crisis accommodation for women escaping homelessness and domestic violence.
The furniture replacements sought in this application will enhance the shelter, and help our clients feel secure and at home in a better presented facility. The chicken shed was ruined in the storm and provides daily activities (in taking care of the chickens) for their clients.

The Club is helping with the purchase of gardening equipment (used by volunteers) will replace old and out date equipment that is too heavy for  volunteers to use.

Read more about the their good work at https://hkws.org.au/

Follow the Shelter on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hkwshelter

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Click here to Donate to the Shelter


Delta Therapy Dogs

Delta Therapy Dogs help animals bring joy to people!

Dedicated local volunteers and their companion pets visit their allocated local facility regularly (usually weekly or fortnightly). Whether it's a calming pat, a floppy ear to listen, a friendly paw to shake, or even a sneaky treat to feed, Delta Therapy Dog Teams spread smiles and joy to patients, residents, family, friends and staff. Delta Dogs currently visit 15 facilities in our local area and have another 7 on a waiting list.

Click here to donate to this wonderful organisation yourself

Visit Delta's website https://www.deltasociety.com.au/

Follow Delta on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/deltatherapydogs

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Macular Disease Foundation of Australia - Early Action Saves Sight

Last year Taldumande supported over 650 vulnerable and homeless children, young people and their families. Whilst accommodating at their 24/7 youth crisis refuge, their clients have limited financial resources and rely on the support or organisations such as West Pennant Hills Sports Club.  This program helps provide our clients the means to improve their overall well-being by enabling them to achieve their personal development, educational, employment and independent living goals. .

Find out more about Taldumande Youth Services https://www.taldumande.org.au/

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Click here to help us support Taldumande by donating



Australian Kookaburra Kids

Since 2002, Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation has been delivering a mental health program for kids living in families impacted by mental illness. 25 children in our local area have been part of our program for four years. This project, proudly supported by WPH Sports Club, is designed with Covid-19 considerations, sponsors 10 of them into a series of online chat forums, and culminates in a five-hour day at a venue where 'fun' physical activities, socialising and mental health learning occurs under supervised, childsafe conditions.

Want more information?  Check out their website https://kookaburrakids.org.au/

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WARRAH Society

Warrah provides services to adults and children with disabilities. Warrah's main campus at Dural has 5 supported independent living homes which provide accommodation for people with a range of disabilities.   The Club's donation will help them to purchase a raised vegetable garden bed (vegepod) for each of these homes so residents in these homes have an opportunity to enjoy and engage in the benefits of therapeutic gardening.

A very worthwhile and relevant project in our local area.

Find our more at https://warrah.org.au/

Follow WARRAH on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/warrahsocietydisabilityservices

Follow WARRAH on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/warrahfarmshop/


DANII Foundation - CGM Project

The CGM project has two components. Both assist families who would not be able to afford this life saving technology. The first is the 14 day trial which gives a family the opportunity to trial a CGM system for free without having to put up the money to purchase a system. It provides the individual with Type 1 Diabetes an opportunity to receive an education and experience on
another way in which they can manage their Type 1 Diabetes and see first hand the immediate difference it can have on the quality of their life.

The second component is to then support an individual who is at great risk of further complications from Type 1 Diabetes such as Dead in Bed Syndrome with a 12 month scholarship of a CGM or a subsidised CGM system. The goal of both components is to work towards a time in Australia where all Type 1 Diabetics can have affordable access to this life saving Technology.

Are you or your child diabetic? Check out the latest lifesaving technology at https://danii.org.au/

Follow the DANII foundation on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DANIIT1D

Follow the foundation on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/daniifoundation/


The Shepherd Centre - Confident Kids Plus

Confident Kids Plus is a group therapy program for children with hearing loss from the 'local community, focused on the development of social skills. The program empowers these children to overcome the challenges of their disability, developing interpersonal skills which will enable them to thrive in their communities, particularly at school. Through the program, children learn vital social and communication skills which they have not developed naturally due to their hearing loss.

Giving deaf children a voice https://shepherdcentre.org.au/

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KYDS Youth Development Service

The Whole Family Approach will target a cohort of at risk young people to deliver a client focused, wrap around mental health service. The model will offer ongoing counselling sessions, combined with further evolution of the KYDS Hybrid Family/Individual Therapeutic model and development of additional parenting support and engagement.

With the funding from WPH Sports Club, KYDS will engage a Schools and Community Partnerships Manager, raising the profile of factors that build psychological health and engaging across our local area.

For more information about KYDS visit https://kyds.org.au/

Follow KYDS on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KYDSYouthDevelopmentService

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Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is the largest provider of autism specific services in Australia and includes autism specific education across nine schools, diagnostic assessments, therapy, social groups, an employment service and a service for adults on the autism spectrum. They also provide workshops and resources within our local community with the aim to build the capacity of parents/carers, extended family members and professionals to better understand autism and to learn how to best support individuals on the autism spectrum.

Supporting a person on the autism spectrum takes considerable time, effort and an ongoing variety of costs which naturally attract life stressors. The contribution made by WPH Sports Club will help facilitate a workshop at no cost for those affected by autism and financially disadvantaged in the Hornsby Shire community to provide support through expert advice, referrals, resources, and a platform to form life-long connections and support networks.

St Lucy's School

St Lucy's School provides education to students with disabilities from K - 8, with a grade extension every year to reach Year 12 by 2024. The main campus is located in Wahroonga and satellite classes are offered at Narrabeen and Narraweena. Due to the increasing growth of the school to 290 students by 2024 they have a need for an additional minibus to enable excursions and community access for all their students.  The Club's donation will help this happen.

A community enriched by difference https://www.stlucys.nsw.edu.au/

Follow St Lucy's on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/STLUCYSSCHOOL

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Au2gether strives create an inclusive Peer Support Movement to Adults on the Autism Spectrum through monthly support meetings at Hornsby Library or monthly/fortnightly online Zoom group meetings, during which they share practical information as well as personal experiences with the intention to promote the self-advocacy, mental health and independence of Autistic Adults.

Members are given a safe space to learn and practice their communication and social skills, improve self-perception and develop friendships, and share important information on navigating life as autistic adults, such as tips on dealing with the bureacratic process of applying to Centrelink/NDIS and other official agencies for assistance/documentation, strategies to cope with stress and the impact of current events, either locally, statewide or nationalwide/worldwide, like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the coming months, Au2gether will place special focus helping Members share experiences on living through the COVID-19 pandemic.  These issues include disruptions in rountines,  closures, job loss and government restrictions. Managing finances,  downgrades in previously familiar and comfortable social skills/life skills and dealing with new/renewed mental health issues in response to the pandemic is difficult and this program helps to lessen the sense of confusion and isolation experienced by the Members through affirmations of their experiences and traumas during this unusual time, shared or otherwise, among their Autistic peers.

Follow Au2gether on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Au2getherAustralia/

Applications for 2020 funding have closed

Applications will open again in April/May 2021 and must be submittied via the clubgrants.com.au website.

Our Club is proud to be able to contribute generously to the community through local Sporting Clubs and Charitable organisations.  In August each year, recipients of the Club’s funding and support attend a Presentation afternoon.

WPH Sports Club strives to return as much as possible to the local community through grants, funding and support services.

The Club provides funding to local amateur sporting clubs, community groups, local health services and other arts, cultural and educational organisations.

To find out more about the Club Grants scheme, visit the Clubs NSW website 

This year alone, West Pennant Hills Sports Club has provided funding and support to the local community in excess of $150,000


These are just some of the organisations we have helped in the last few years:

  • Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
  • Baby Bumps Support Group
  • Carlson Chorale
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Delta Society Australia
  • Epilepsy Association t/as Epilepsy Action Australia
  • Girl Guides Australia NSW & ACT
  • Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
  • Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Health Service
  • Inala
  • Lifestart Cooperative Limited
  • Multiple Sclerosis Limited
  • Northcott Disability Services
  • SHINE for Kids Co-operative Limited
  • St Lucy’s School
  • St Vincent de Paul Society Hornsby
  • State Emergency Service
  • Streetwork Incorporated
  • Ted Noffs Foundation
  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Vision Australia
  • Beecroft Cherrybrook Junior Rugby Club
  • Cherrybrook Little Athletics
  • Cherrybrook Netball Club
  • Greenway Giants Inc.
  • Pennant Hills Football Club
  • Pennant Hills Junior AFL Club
  • Penno Stags Junior Rugby League Football Club
  • West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Football Club
  • West Pennant Hills Netball Club
  • West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club